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Canada Supplements IMPORT Regulations

Dietary Supplements in Canada are called Natural Health Products (NHPs).  The scope of these NHPs  includes traditional products (eg. Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and homeopathics (HM-DIN).  Before exportation can occur, these NHPs must obtain a Natural Product Number (NPN) which can take 10 to 210 days to obtain.  Quality Smart Solutions can assist you through this process.

After NPN licensing and a NHP compliant label, a Health Canada licensed importer (a Canada based company) performs quality assurance activities to ensure the identity, potency and purity of the health product.  These activities include product release, stability data reporting, and, if required,  adverse event reporting, and recall coordination.

The value chain when shipping a NHP to Canada looks like this:

Quality Import ADVANTAGE


    A third party neutral importer giving you the Flexibility to use multiple distributors and/or brokers in Canada


    Eliminating packaging liability (importer’s name is required on your NPN label) if you were to use a distributor as your importer and the relationship doesn’t work requiring you to either oversticker or destroy packaging when you switch to a new importer


    We have fulfillment centers (annexed to Quality IMPORT Solutions) located across Canada improving speed to market based on your preferred point of origin and destination


    Several Canadian national distributors warehouses are annexed to our site license giving you the ability to use their distribution services and use our import services


    Sell to traditional retail outlets (brick and mortar) or online venues (like Amazon.ca, Well.ca and others).


Does Quality IMPORT Solutions act as my customs broker?

Our role as importer of record is a Quality Assurance/Regulatory function ensuring that the quality of your supplement is maintained when imported into Canada.  We can connect you with logistical partners who specialize in customs broker clearance.

Are there certain qualifications that can speed up the annex timeline

Yes!  If you have a Foreign Site Reference number (FSRN) issued by Health Canada, this can reduce the annex approval timeline to under 30 days.  Other GMP evidence that can expedite the process include NSF audit certificate,  GMP certificate from a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) country such as Australia, UK, EU countries to name a few.

Do you have a fee schedule?

We would be happy to share our fee schedule with you. Contact us today to disuss our Import Solutions!

Can I ship my supplement to the retailer’s warehouse?

The first landing location for an NHP must be at a warehouse that is annexed to Quality IMPORT Solution’s site license.  Thereafter it can ship to any location.  We are accommodating to add a retailer warehouse to our site license.  

I would like to use a warehouse that is not on your site license. Is this an option?

If the warehouse qualifies and meets the GMP requirements of storing Natural Health Products, for a fee,  we can annex your warehouse to our site license.

Can I use more than one importer of record?

You can but it’s not recommended as it will likely cost you more in time and money to work with multiple importers.

How do we get started working with Quality IMPORT Solutions?

Give us a call today.

Next Steps

There are two requirements to use Quality IMPORT Solutions as your importer on record.

  • Your manufacturer has to be annexed to our site license to show proof to Health Canada that your manufacturer is following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Annex of your manufacturer can take 30 to 90 days depending on the evidence provided.  Evidence may include an FDA inspection report, NSF audit and certificate, Foreign Site Reference Number (FSRN) issued by Health Canada, a TGA inspection report.  This list isn’t exhaustive.  Ask us if the evidence your manufacturer has will qualify and the typical timeline for annexation

  • The first landing site in Canada must be a warehouse annexed to our import license.  We have several warehouse partners across Canada to choose from. Alternatively, if you have a preferred storage and fulfillment center you would like to use we can annex them to our site license.  Similar to the manufacturing requirements, the warehouse must attest to following GMP for storing NHPs,  Annexation takes 30 to 90 days.

Our Clients Are Saying

More than just importation

Our sister company, Quality Smart Solutions, is your NHP licensing expert ensuring you get an NPN in a timely, cost effective manner.  

Quality IMPORT Solutions has an extensive distributor and broker network. Whether you are looking to sell to independent health food stores or to mass retail we can connect you!

From Licensing, Label compliance to Importation, we are your END-TO-END Solution for Natural Health Products Compliance in Canada.

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