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Canada Supplements IMPORT Regulations

Canada Supplements IMPORT Regulations

Dietary Supplements in Canada are called Natural Health Products (NHPs).  The scope of these NHPs  includes traditional products (eg. Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and homeopathics (HM-DIN).  Before exportation can occur, these NHPs must obtain a Natural Product Number (NPN) which can take 10 to 210 days to obtain. Quality Smart Solutions can assist you through this process.

After NPN licensing and a NHP compliant label, a Health Canada licensed importer (a Canada based company) performs quality assurance activities to ensure the identity, potency and purity of the health product.  These activities include product release, stability data reporting, and, if required,  adverse event reporting, and recall coordination.

Value Chain when Shipping NHPs to Canada


Canada Food Import Regulations

In January 2019, the Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) officially launched the Safe Food For Canadian Regulations.  (SFRC) whereby any food that is imported into Canada requires a CFIA licensed food importer.    Suppliers (manufacturers) must have a food safety plan (PCP or HACCP) to sell foods in Canada. 

What is an MDEL Import Agent responsible for?

Stop worrying about the strict regulatory requirements and trust us to be your MDEL Import Agent. An MDEL Import Agent resides in Canada, assists in communicating with Health Canada, responds to Health Canada's questions regarding devices to be imported or already imported into Canada, undertakes mandatory inspections, and meets all regulatory requirements related to medical device importation and sales in Canada. All MDEL Import Agents are legally responsible for the importing of medical devices in Canada and have extensive responsibilities under the MDR.

How do you know if you need an MDEL Import Agent?

Are you a foreign company outside of Canada and do you want to enter the Canadian market? Then you'll need an MDEL Import Agent. This is because an MDEL Import Agent can register your products in Canada. Otherwise, a Canadian company may also use an MDEL Import agent especially with offloading the legal responsibilities related to importing medical devices to professionals who understand and meet compliance requirements.

QIS MDEL Import Agent Benefits of our Service

All Importers should make sure that all medical devices that are being transported to Canada are compliant with all regulations. The costs of non-compliance can be massive - in terms of monetary losses and damages to your reputation.

Save yourself the heavy cost of yearly licensing/compliance, and regulatory requirements - to import your devices stress-free! Have the professionals do the heavy lifting of executing the fine print included in the regulatory requirements and avoid unnecessary delays and expenses.

Quality Import Advantage


We are a third party importer allowing you to use multiple distributors and/or brokers or sell direct in Canada


Several Canadian national distributors warehouses are annexed to our NHP site license giving you the ability to use their distribution services and use our import services


Eliminating packaging liability (importer’s name is required on your NHP label) if you were to use a distributor as your NHP importer and the relationship doesn’t work requiring you to either oversticker or destroy packaging when you switch to a new importer


Sell to traditional retail outlets (brick and mortar) or online venues (like, and others)


We have warehouse and fulfillment partners (annexed to Quality IMPORT Solutions NHP site licence) located across Canada (we are soon adding US warehouse partners for NHPs) improving speed to market based on your preferred point of origin and destination


With Quality IMPORT Solutions you don’t need to hire a Quality Assurance person to manage your QA obligations or food safety plan for your own site and for your suppliers. We take care of it all for you


NHP Importation

Our role as importer of record is a Quality Assurance and Regulatory function ensuring that the quality of your supplement is maintained when imported into Canada.  Customs clearance are outside of the scope of our service.  However as a client of QIS,  we can connect you to logistical partners who specialize in customs broker clearance.

You can!  We will need to annex your warehouse and prepare Standard Operating Procedures that comply with Health Canada regulations for storage of Natural Health Products.  If your warehouse is outside of Canada we can annex to our site licence.  This is a great option to consolidate your inventory, particularly if you are looking to ship small quantities to Canada, perhaps to e-tailers like,, and others.

This option is possible. To do this your warehouse must be annexed to our site licence.

You should budget approximately 6 months.  Preparing the annexation documents and if applicable, standard operating procedures, can take approximately 4-6 weeks.  Health Canada’s timeline, non-binding, can take 4 to 5 months, possibly longer.  So it’s important to start this process as soon as possible.  We recommend this process start at the same time as your product licence (NPN) application submission

You may but this is not recommended as it will only add more logistical costs. 

Yes we do.  Contact us at

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Food Importation

Your manufacturer (supplier) must meet food safety standards (have a PCP or HACCP) to qualify as a vendor to export to Canada.  Our fee structure is an initial setup and an annual fee thereafter. We will randomly ask for documentation throughout the year to ensure you are complying with these standards. 

We can connect with you with a customs broker who can assist with customs and logistical clearance. 

We can assist with a select category of frozen foods.  Contact us for details.

We can warehouse partners (both room temperature and temperature controlled) that can assist with your storage needs.

Absolutely!  Our fee structure is tiered based on the level of compliance and certification as it relates to a food safety plan.  Contact us for more details.

We are focused on acting as an importer of lower-risk foods. As such we are currently not acting as importers for fresh or frozen meats, fresh vegetables, and foods in glass packaging. 

Contact us at 1-800-396-5144 or email us at  with the subject header  Re:  Food Import help

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